The Maker’s Lodge Outdoors spaces & Grounds

Some of the finest outdoor amenities in the Hocking Hills lodge market

Outdoor Spaces & Grounds

At The Maker’s Lodge at Bourbon Ridge Retreat, guests are treated to a unique, custom-tailored experience. This goes well beyond what they’ll find inside our incomparably maintained lodging choices. Here, the luxury, attention to detail and the kinds of high-end extras that characterize the entire line of Ohio Luxury Lodging accommodations transcend the walls of the lodge and spill out into the luscious, well-maintained outdoor space that surrounds it. Here, families bond over bocce, barbeque and baked goods; soak up the sun next to the kidney-shaped swimming pool; relax in the commercial-grade hot tub; laugh and talk deep into the night next to the fire as Mother Nature dots the skies overhead with stars as far as the eye can see. Outside The Maker’s Lodge, pleasant possibilities like these lay all around the place.

Our commercial-grade, concrete, 45×20-foot, free-form, eco-friendly, kidney-shaped pool is quite possibly the crown jewel of the outdoor lineup at The Maker’s Lodge, although that’s certainly up for debate. It is, however, something management has gone to great lengths to perfect. From its state-of-the-art saltwater, computer-controlled filtration system and heating options to its customizable LED lighting array, the pool at The Maker’s Lodge is truly a work of art. Not to mention, it’s really cool and refreshing on a hot, summer day or night.

Outdoor Spaces & Grounds

We had the 7×14-foot, in-ground, commercial-grade hot tub custom built just for The Maker’s Lodge, so it blends seamlessly in with the rest of the property and its surroundings. Two sides of the hot tub face 5-foot rock walls while the other two offer breath-taking views of the picturesque Hocking Hills landscape. At night, it can be illuminated in a variety of colorful themes by way of our custom LED lighting system. It’s your chance to kick back, relax and soak up the comfort in Hocking Hills’ largest and only in-ground hot tub.

Situated behind the swimming pool is an 18×27-foot, timber-frame pavilion with seating for 18 and cooking options including a gas grill and gridle. The structure is equipped with two ceiling fans, overhead lighting and a custom, wrap-around bar with its own seating options.

We at Ohio Luxury Lodging are proud to introduce our guests – and the Hocking Hills lodge and vacation rental market – this one-of-a-kind, 18th Century European-design firebrick oven. A recent addition to the outdoor offerings at The Maker’s Lodge, this genuine, custom-build, wood-fired masterpiece will have even the most unadventurous cooks try their hands at culinary confections like artisan flatbreads, hand-crafted, wood-fired pizzas, muffins, cinnamon rolls and all kinds of fancy, uncommon baked goods.

Outdoor Spaces & Grounds

Aside from all of these unique appointments to the great outdoors outside The Maker’s Lodge, it also boasts these impressive amenities:

  • More than five acres of impeccably groomed yard area with plenty of room for children of all ages run and play
  • Precise and extensive landscaping, which includes a variety of perennials, annuals, Boston Ferns and more than 225 tons of locally harvested stone help create a stunning and varied backdrop throughout the lodge’s immediate surroundings.
  • Corn hole, bocce and other yard-game options
  • Huge, in-ground fire pit complete with stone seating for 24
  • Incomparable views of the impressive Hocking Hills landscape
  • 10×10-foot pergola-topped, custom-built stone staircase.
Outdoor Spaces & Grounds


Outdoor Spaces & Grounds

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