Child Safety Features

Enjoy your time – Worry Free.

Child Safety Features

We want the time our guests spend at Bourbon Ridge Retreat to be free from stress and worry. Therefore, we provide numerous child safety features at our property to ensure families are able to relax without worrying about whether they are safe and out of harms’ way.

Children are curious by nature. They are liable to sneak away and get into danger in the blink of an eye. So we have established the same level of precaution we would demand for our own families. For example:

  • We have established a relationship with ADT Security and fire protection and are confident in their industry-leading programs for ensuring the safety and security for all our guests, employees and property.
  • Each of our staircases is equipped with child-safety gates to ensure small children just learning to walk or crawl are not in danger of falling.
  • The Makers Lodge is equipped with seven emergency exits.
  • The Makers Lodge comes complete with 2 pack-n-plays and a booster seat for guests’ use.
  • Our pool and hot tub areas are fenced in completely with three access gates. All gates have locks.
  • The swimming and hot-tub areas come equipped with personal flotation devise (life preservers)
  • Fire extinguishers are provided.


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